• Backbone.js collections, get the next/previous model

    I’m using Backbone.js for my project lickcreator. I really love Backbone.js, especially the collections stuff is just awesome. I was looking for an easy way to get to the next model in a collection, but couldn’t find it. Of course, you can iterate over the collection and get to the model you want, but that seems awkward.

  • lickcreator - my new project

    So I’ve started on this ambitious journey to create my own product – lickcreator. Its a web based online music notation app aimed at guitarists (for now). If you look around you will find plenty of good desktop based ones, like Finale, Guitar Pro, Rosegarden, MuseScore, TuxGuitar and others. I currently use TuxGuitar as my editor of choice, but I’ve always had this nagging need for an online based tool.

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