Meditation – Lotus position

I started practicing meditation in mid May 2016. Think about it. Practicing meditation. You can’t just do meditation. You have to practice it.

Anyway, it sure was difficult at the start. I sat with my legs crossed normally, my arms outstretched resting on my knees. Forefinger touching thumb. The usual stuff you will find in most meditation books or courses.

I think I fell into it quite easily. One thing which helped was focusing on my breathing. I have been doing focused breathing for almost 2 years now for relaxation. I thought I was doing meditation.

But I was wrong. The key concept to meditation is to not move. Once you assume a sitting position, don’t move. Take a few quick deep breaths, keep your back straight, and then start with slow breathing focusing on the air touching the tip of your nostrils. And, don’t move.

So it’s been almost 2 months now. I can’t say I’ve been regular, but I can now meditate for 15 minutes twice daily.

And yesterday I had a breakthrough. I did the Lotus position. Not sitting with legs crossed normally. So do this – first put your left leg (or ankle) on top of your crossed right leg. Let it rest comfortably in the gap the crossed right leg creates. Now the painful part. Pull up your right leg and push it towards your abdomen, and make it rest on top of your crossed left leg. It will hurt. If it hurts where you can’t do it, don’t do it. Rest for some time, try again.

Do this everyday. if you can’t get the Lotus, sit normally and meditate. But try the Lotus position everyday before you meditate. Eventually you will be able to get it. Remember, its all about practice. Your leg muscles will stretch and accommodate the new tension.

So last night, I sat in the Lotus position for 15 minutes. After that when I released my legs, it really hurt. But that has to happen.

The book I’ve been reading for practicing meditation is Mindfulness in Plain English by Henepola Gunaratana. Its an excellent resource. Very practical. Get it now! Its free.

Remember, pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. 🙂

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