Gut Flora

I remember having a conversation with one of my older relatives. We were discussing whether its better to rinse your mouth before having tea or after.

Naturally it was health related. My relative’s opinion, based on his discussions with his colleagues and friends, not to mention the fact that he is older; was that we should have a cup of tea or water before rinsing your mouth.

My opinion – it does not fucking matter.

Yes, during sleep our mouth probably gathers millions of bacteria. Wake up,
have a cup of water or tea and swallow that delicious bacteria which after all
is known to inhabit our gut system like crazy. Millions of millions of bacteria thrive inside our gut and are not particularly harmful. They also help the digestive process.

However, our stomach contains enzymes which usually kill these bacteria. Most of them inhabit the colon, the large intestine and then the small intestine. So if you swallow those bacteria from your mouth into your stomach, they are bound to be killed. So sad!

I say – rinse your month gently, spit and release them back into the soil!

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