Keep moving

I sold my flat which I had purchased in 2006. I got a good returns on it. The plan is to invest that money, earn money in 1 to 2 years, and then buy a bigger flat. I’ve managed to clear all my debts! I really am a free man, but now I need to focus on growth.

In the meantime, I’ve moved into a 2 BHK with my fiancee. I’ve taken this flat on rent. The rent is quite costly, and I really have to work hard to make ends meet. But I’m confident. I already have a couple of projects in hand, and I’m going to start day trading in a couple of days.

The new house is good. So much space! After growing up in a cramped 1 BHK, having two bedrooms is like a luxury. The hall is big, kitchen is mid-sized. The main bedroom is spacious. I’ve set one bedroom as my home office. And for my guitar playing.

The house is still slightly dirty, need to get some professional help to service the Air conditioner and clean the kitchen properly. Both of us are happy and contended for now.

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